Learn to Code    

9 levels
30 hours

Come aboard onto a ride in the world of programming with our course on technology fundamentals. It is designed for beginners and also caters to learners who want to brush up on their basic programming skills.

The course contains 9 levels and builds a strong foundation in programming, using C language.

We help you understand programming concepts with the help of real life examples and scenario-based learning.

The course offers step by step learning using animated and whiteboard videos, multiple choice questions, interview questions, exercises, industry best practices, tricks to avoid errors and some interesting facts about programming.

Sample Videos

What is included in the course

Learn to Code is a comprehensive e-learning course on Programming Fundamentals.

The course contains 9 exciting levels that builds your logic and make you an expert in programming.

1. Programming Basics

Understand the logic required to write programs with Programming basics, Applications of programming, Programming flow and process flow of programming.

2. Storing and retrieving data

Understand and define variables. Decide the data types based on requirements of program like meaning and scope of variables and data type categories.

3. Operators

Write algorithms to calculate and compare variables and study types of operators – Arithmetic, relational, logical, bitwise and shift

4. Learning C

Writing programs in C using variables, calculations and interactivity. Study about the building blocks of C program – Preprocessor commands, functions, Comments; Compilation and execution, Declaring variables, statements and expressions, Writing interactive programs.

5. Decision making

Write programs that enable decision making, using the conditional statements in C like If..else..endif and Switch..case.

6. Loops

Manage programs with repetitive code using loops in C like While, Do..while and For.

7. Arrays

Write programs that store and retrieve data using arrays. Study meaning, declaration and initialization of arrays, types of arrays and its usage.

8. Data structures

Study advanced programming techniques that store and retrieve data of different data types, using data structures. Here, you study meaning, definition, declaration and initialization of data structures.

9. Best practices and Summary

Reiterate all the concepts and write programs in C. Incorporate best practices of the industry in your programs. Also learn interview preparation techniques.

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