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The world of Virtual Learning can be a great leveller. It promises to drive inclusivity in the field of education & skills development, across segments and national boundaries. Virtual Learning is immensely scalable, location independent, affordable and allows the learner to learn at their convenience.

However, the success rate of Virtual Learning, as compared to Classroom based learning, has been quite low. Few learners tend to complete the program and most drop out in between the course. Content delivery is mostly "Push Based" and in a mass broadcast mode, there is minimal tailoring based on individual persona and preferences, there is low degree of interactivity between the learner and the system mostly due to design and technology limitations, limited focus on context based learning where the technical/functional and behavioural skills are learnt in the context of a business situation, lack of group feel etc.

iPRIMED (www.iprimed.com) has put in years of research and prototyping to create a learning model for the Virtual world - iPRIMED Athena. iPRIMED Athena brings in the best of both worlds and is driven by iPRIMED's extremely successful and unique learning model (under patent). Like "Athena" the Greek Goddess of wisdom, iPRIMED Athena shall lead the learners on a journey of exploration, help them break their current boundaries of skill / knowledge through trial and error, encourage experimentation and failures, help them crystallize their knowledge and skill and gradually help them achieve their own wisdom. This shall be a lifelong process and iPRIMED Athena shall be a buddy for life helping the professional grow in their careers through continuous mentor-ship and guidance across the functional / technical and behavioural skills.

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